Character Revamp

My final design for the assignment and Bob's notes to fix up my mistakes. For this assignment, Bob had given our class the task to update the design of a classic cartoon character, and to figure out what makes it work. Basically, this exercise is supposed to flex our design skills to add something new to it. So, I went and watched Speedy's catalog of cartoons (I avoided the cartoons that stared Speedy and Daffy) and did studies of the said character. For my final, had taken elements from the 1953 prototype Speedy. It's nose, buck teeth, thick eyebrows, round cheeks and saucer-eyes where the elements that worked well for the original. 
However, I kept its clothes, whiskers and tail from the 1955 revision. Since I wanted to make my Speedy to be a cute little rascal, I shrunk him town (he measures at about 2 heads in height, four if you add the large hat) and enlarged the hat. That way, it would emphasize his cuteness. All in all, Bob liked it as a whole. He was quick to note that Speedy's hat seemed tacked on. He also notice that Speedy was missing his right ear, and felt that both ears should be more at an angle. After giving me the necessary notes, I soon went to work fixing my mistakes. The poses will be added to this post on a later date. From an aspiring animator/ cartoonist.