Manzanita Bush

Finished with the rose gardens it was on then to buy the manzanita bush. The plan was to ask a nursery worker to bring it to the register and there would be limited walking. Arriving at the nursery it was evident that wasn't going to happen. It was a huge place and she was off and walking. She walked a lot pointing to plants she'd like to buy. They would have needed a truck to take it all home. Finally she settled on what we'd come for but instead of buying one she bought two. They love sugar-free ice cream and had seen a Baskin Robbins on our way to the nursery. We stopped on the way home and while we were eating our ice cream it happened, she wilted. They both wilted. We were to have dinner last night with son and family but that never happened. They decided to say their goodbyes in the hotel parking lot. It was about 2:00 pm but they were through. They were going to spend the afternoon napping, pack the car later in the day, and leave for home about 6:00 am this morning. We've heard nothing more so I can only assume that's what happened. Can't pass up the unusual knitted pieces on this blog. Even if you don't knit, maybe you could take a look.


August is a month that's difficult for me say anything good about. I consider it a filler month, just filling in between summer and fall. By the time it rolls around I'm sick of summer, and eager for fall, so I regard it as a nuisance. I find this very interesting since this past week-end was the only two days of summer that temps have reached 90 degrees where I live. So why am I grumpy about August? Because I'm afraid we might see other 90 degree days before we can get to September and get fall in the air. We have company arriving on Friday. I think we have five coming. We'll have a good time and I don't want August to mess it up. Three of the group will be from Texas, and two from Colorado. I want the temps to range in the high 70s, or if we have to, low 80s. Give me that and I'll be a happy camper. August is also the month I fizzle out of anything to blog about. I become dull like the month, and can't think of a single cool thing to say. You may not see a lot of me until I smell fall in the air.That doesn't mean I'm gone so don't forget me.