A Touchy Subject

Recently I was asked for my opinion on a question. How to deal with a career that has two very divergent audiences? I've been asked this question by folks who do pin-up and fantasy, editorial and sci-fi, erotic art and children's books, and a host of other combinations. I think there are as many answers to this question as their are combinations. Here are a couple of possible solutions... Alter Ego. I worked with an artist years ago that had two names, one for his high buck, high brow editorial work, and another name for his fantasy and exploratory work. While that heped seperate his audiences cleanly, and allowed him to try all kinds of other genres and content without polluting his bread & butter gig, it also meant he had to maintain two portfolios, two websites, two marketing campaigns. Yep, it was a lot of work, but it fit the bill for him. Split Personalities. I've also worked with an artist that keeps his name the same, but has two different websites, one for his bread and butter pin-up work, and another for his passion, fantasy and sci-fi illustration. While not as clean a break (a web search will pull up both of his websites), he isn't overly concerned with his fans stumbling across his alter egos. His work is pretty classy pin-up so he see's the cross over as a "not bad thing".