Dark Side

Another artist I know hides his dark side. He has his erotic art behind a password protected firewall, and all of his portfolio samples are shown within a flash portfolio (to evade search bots). This allows him to keep his racy portfolio away from innocent eyes and minimizes cross over with his more "socially acceptable" editorial work. The downside? Almost zero internet sales of his erotic art. Carefree. Finally, there are the artists that cast their worries to the wind and openly display all of their work on their site (though they might seperate the portfolios for clarity). Like I said, there are a million answers to this delima. Have you had to worry about this situation? What did you do? How did you solve the problem of nurturing two career fronts? Please share in the comments or in the ArtOrder community. Spectrum 18. The jurors for Spectrum #18 have been announced. Check 'em out on the Spectrum website, and while you are there gaze upon the lovely poster illustration that Bill Carman did. Speaking of Bill Carmen, while I was on his blog I happened upon his post about the Art Blocks for Ghana. A very cool charity event put on by The Picture Book Project Foundation and The Hopkins Foundation. "Art Blocks for Ghana" is a Charity Art Auction Created by the Top Artists in the Animation and Illustration Community to help build a Children's Home in Ghana.